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Toddler jigsaw puzzles its the way to interact kid into the learning journey.
Wise Elk Jigsaw Puzzles For Toddlers made from high-quality materials, painted with bright, colourful paints with smooth surface.
Children love jigsaw puzzles! They�re fun, brain boosting, stimulating and they�ll learn while playing!
Not only provides engaged play-time for kids, but also helps practice problem-solving and spatial reasoning as they work to complete the puzzle.
The size of the toddler jigsaw puzzles is better suited for kid's little hands. Through grasping and matching, kid's hand-eye coordination and fine motor ability can be improved.
This logical reasoning game gives your kids ages 3-7 several hours of leisure time.

We have few different models: 2 piece puzzles for toddlers, jigsaw puzzles with cities, and big puzzles with continents and animals.

Jigsaw 2-3-4 Elements Puzzle - Pets 6 Puzzles

SKU: 30152-WE-25512183
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