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Intimate Intentions

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The first part of the course will be focused on going within and traveling back in time so that we can understand our first intentions.We made and sent out intentions to the universe and it has answered. Did you get what you wanted?The challenge:We will be stripping away,thoughts that are a disservice to you, including societal thoughts and intentions that others imposed, we will strip away the negative attributes and feelings that have been formed over time. Inter-dimensional means to time travel. Let’s travel back to study our first intentions and then move forward in time to set new ones. Let’s see what our higher self is calling us to do. Is it telling us how to get there? In all of our minds lies different keys to get through the doors you have to travel through obstacles mentally. Our fears and our worries coupled with others fears and their worries cause us to project. What are you projecting? Through every stage in this dimension there are levels so to truly set our Intimate inner dimensional intentions we have to go back and figure out which levels we have past what level we are on now and draw a map of where we’re going. Setting Intimate an inter-dimensional intentions is connecting all of your selves setting intentions that will vibrate through the dimensions,the galaxies resonating to your higher self.

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