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22 Life Lessons That 2022 Has Taught Me

1. Sometimes the best thing doesn't feel like the right thing: Some of my greatest blessings have come as a result of some of the biggest sacrifice i've had to make.

2. When 1 door closes, 2 more opens: My opportunities have flowed to me like a dandelion seed so I am grateful for even opportunities that seemingly slip through my fingertips.

3. Home is where the heart is: Love those who love you & always wish well on your neighbors !

4. Try new things that pushes you past your "limits": Do something

that scares you. Consciously go outside of the daily routine as a visual tool of what else is possible.

5. Self work is the best work: There is no better time than the present to focus on our over all self development.

6. Our imagination is our connection to source: The visions we see in our mind is a personal gift from God!

7. Strong faith is a super power: When you believe in something mentally & emotionally, the physical reality begins to manifest.

8. Meaningful goals attract meaningful opportunities: Be careful what you write down for yourself=for the universe.

9. Keep your intentions pure: You get what you focus on so focus on all things good!

10. Be resilient in life's struggles: This too shall pass.

11. Learn to say no: Use discernment to create a healthy balance & flow of energy. This year I made it a priority to do more of what makes me happy & feel good inside. I have become so unapologetic in this journey.

12. Do whatever you can right away & write down the tasks that will require more time: Simple yet effective technique to get the chaos in check. Make the bed when I wake up. Wash them few dishes in the sink before it becomes too much. Pick up the

trash instead of walking over it, etc. Do the small tasks as soon as possible to build momentum for more requiring tasks.

13. Improve your weaknesses: Challenge yourself daily.

14. Find something that creates a fire within you: Give yourself a reason to be excited to wake up & take on the day. I promise life is so much better when filled with passion!

15. Repetition & routine builds discipline!

16. Agree to disagree: Choose your battles wisely

17. Make peace with the past: This way

it doesn't interfere with your present.

18. Over prepare: Be ready for when the opportunity arises then go with the flow as you reap the benefits of the seeds you have planted.

19. Greatness is not achieved overnight: Start where you are, with what you have & appreciate the process of where you going!

20. To be happy is freedom: All you need is within you.

21. Today is a special occasion: Get up & show up for each page in the story of you.

22. Learn to let go: If it is meant to be, it shall.

What are some life lessons you have learned this year or been reminded of? Leave comments down below :)

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