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What are 3 life lessons you would tell to your younger self?

If I had the chance to speak with my younger self

there is so much that I would want to prepare her for!

So to shorten the list

here are 3 things I wish

someone would have told me

while I was transitioning

through the foster care system.



Your imagination is a gift from God!

This is a present you must play with daily

because our current thoughts create our future reality.

So if you can see it in your mind,

you can hold it in your hand!




There is so much power instilled in the spirit filled with prayer & a plan!

Write out your goals, create a map for each of your successes & pray for resiliency to overcome any obstacles that will inevitably appear along your journey. Each new obstacle is an opportunity for growth as you are being prepared for what you prayed for. Turn each test into a powerful testimony & stay focused on creating the life you deserve.





Practice gratitude in each moment. Stay grateful for the positive & negatives because the blessing is within the balance. The balance will allow you to elevate while understanding that everything is connected to source & plays its own unique role.

(Each person, place, thing & idea serves a divine purpose)

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