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Not your average Landing Page!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

What is a landing page?

Simply put a landing page is an all in 1 page that acts as a funnel to different aspects of you, your brand, & your business.

I love creating landing pages.

They are a unique way to organize & showcase your work.

Plus less work for your viewers!

While creating my most recent landing page I had a beautiful idea.

What if I can create my landing page to be an informative blog?

That way if any of my viewers are just as confused as I was when I first heard about landing pages, they wont feel left out.

The very 1st place I go to if I am unsure of how to do something... my best friend GOOGLE.

5 short minutes later & here we are.

My Landing Page for my links I plan to promote this week is attached to the top of this article.

Let me know in the comments section if you have created your own landing page & if so, what resources did you use?

I also offer a landing page design service where I will organize, create & maintain your links in an effective way that brings you results!

I created my landing page on this time around & instead of hosting on a different app I published it as its own website. If i am being honest that way is still a little confusing to me so I will be running back to this post soon for more landing page details & updates.

I am constantly learning new resources for bettering my crafts.

Blessings to you for being apart of this journey!

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